Patronage Refunds

As a Central Texas Farm Credit borrower, you are a member of a cooperative and entitled to share in its financial success. Every year, Central Texas Farm Credit returns profits to customers — the owners — as patronage dividends, significantly reducing total borrowing costs.

At each year end, our board of directors evaluates how much of our net income should be retained to strengthen our capital position. Whatever is not needed for capital is distributed to our customers by declaring a cash patronage dividend.

Cash patronage distributions reduce your effective interest cost and save you money. If you’re borrowing from a lender that doesn’t return a portion of its profits to you, consider doing more of your business with Central Texas Farm Credit — where you are the stockholder. Remember, you own the company and you share in the earnings.

For more information on our patronage program, contact your nearest branch or call your loan officer.

Questions & Answers About Our Patronage Program